I am a problem solver, a global thinker and a lifetime student. I enjoy bringing ideas to life, especially if they involve promoting a greater good. I like to mashup web technologies to create useful tools which can be shared by a community. I can work alone or with a committed team and live for my projects. Said 'projects' most frequently revolve around subject matters related to Humans, Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Education and for this, I sleep well at night. For as long as I can remember, I have been preparing myself to one day become a professor of Anthropology, to encourage others to become global thinkers and inspire those around me to improve themselves through becoming better at what they do. Web technology opened doors for me many years back and I stand at those doors holding them open for anyone willing and ready to learn. I am most always working on a map or a tool to make someone's life a bit simpler, preparing notes for the future and sharing what I learn with those who are in need of a solution. This is what keeps me whole.


Here are a few videos explaining some of what I do: